Automated Valuation Modeling


ARCSys ensures the accuracy and efficient valuation of properties, leading to more accurate credit loss estimates and compliance with regulatory requirements. Current valuations are crucial in assessing the risk of your real estate portfolio.


The best CECL analytics are built with


AVM with ARCSys Includes

AVM enables the forecasted valuation of real estate, for both consumer and commercial loans. Completed per loan, per property.

AVM is a faster and more cost-effective alternative to traditional property appraisals. It saves time and money while delivering accurate results.

By automating the property valuation process, AVM improves efficiency and reduces errors associated with traditional manual property valuation methods.

ARCSys’ AVM service can be customized using your historical data to meet the unique needs of your organization. We can tailor the model to include or exclude specific variables depending on your requirements.

ARCSys’ AVM model utilizes data from community institutions to gather precise values which will improve the accuracy of your loan-to-value ratios.

Don’t wait until the regulators request additional information! ARCSys can support your concentration risk in CRE and asset valuation assessments, including refinancing risk using our statistical modeling processes.

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