Data Warehouse

alt_moonWhat is Included

The Data Warehouse enables ARCSys clients to visualize their portfolios using any data elements loaded, as well as ARCSys’ calculated fields. The visualizations create dynamic tables, charts, and graphs representing data analysis and allowance calculations. These visualizations can be shared with shareholders or colleagues seeking management information on their loan and investment portfolios.



Our standard analytics dashboard provides insights into your historical and current data, extending beyond CECL, to assist with loan pricing and various reporting needs across your institution. The standard visualizations are displayed based on both vintage and reporting period datasets.



Data points from disparate data sources, such as various core files, spreading software, and credit bureau data, are aggregated into a single repository for dynamic analytics. Institutions can also develop their own customized analytics and visualizations using their data, or using the ARCSys anonymized dataset that supports internally developed KPI measures.



ARCSys provides summarized institutional data from all ARCSys clients for benchmarking against other institutions based on similar asset size, geography, and portfolio composition, as well as supplementing their CECL model if necessary. The dataset contains information pertaining to loan activity, including charge-offs, prepayments, Probability of Default, and Loss Given Default. In addition, information by credit quality indicators is also available.



When new data becomes available, such as from a merger, and it is loaded into the ARCSys system, it will be available for analysis immediately.

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The best CECL analytics are built with

alt_moon"The software has made creating board reports a much easier process, not to mention efficient. The reporting and historical data analysis is also extremely useful for our auditors and disclosures."

- Current ARCSys Client

alt_moonWhat Sets Our Data Warehouse Apart

  • alt_the_data_warehouse

    The Data Warehouse allows its users to access the data and create customized visualizations without fear of overriding the original data.

  • alt_the_data_science_and_statistical_modeling_team

    The Data Science & Statistical Modeling Team is available to answer questions and provide additional support.

  • alt_standard_analytics

    As other institutions request certain visualizations or fields that can be beneficial to all institutions, they can be added to your standard analytics.

  • alt_all_visuals

    All visuals can be exported as an Excel file or a picture. Additionally, the entire "tab" or page of visuals can be downloaded as a PDF.

  • alt_look_at_the_visuals

    Users can add “read-only” users who are able to look at the visuals, but are not able to change them.

  • alt_dashboards

    The user "authors" can create analyses and dashboards and share them with read-only users.

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